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Our Guided mode, managed by teachers, makes sure you are studying what you need to get the best results and not wasting time.

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English language schools know that good content is really important. Over 100 schools in 12 countries with more than 600,000 students choose GEL for their e-learning needs. You are in good hands.


I recommend GEL to study for IELTS! The lessons are prepared for you depending on your skills. If you’re bad at listening, they give you exact exercises for what you need to improve in listening. In my case I was very bad at understanding specific information and the Guided Mode showed me I should focus on that!

Francisco, Ecuador


I was in the UK for 6 months already and I needed to take IELTS urgently. To prepare I used GEL IELTS for 3 months to really understand the test. The videos and the writing model answer library are what helped me the most to understand what I had to do.

Maria, Mexico

GEL IELTS has encouraged me to improve my speaking through the exercises that are like the test. It feels like you are really speaking with the examiner as you can see him in the video asking you questions.

Wenlan, China

I’m from Quezon City in the Philippines and I study with GEL IELTS everyday.
The feedback from teachers was so helpful that I’m very happy I chose this

Angela, Philippines

I used GEL IELTS to prepare for my IELTS test. I really needed to improve my listening as it was my weakest area. The strategy videos on the site taught me about what I had to pay attention for when listening. It worked and I’m now
doing my Master’s programme in the University of East London now!

Andrew, Brazil

I recently finished using the GEL IELTS platform. The Guided mode was cool because it pointed me to the exercises that were more relevant to me. I believe I improved my reading significantly because of the exercises allocated to me.

Maria, Greece

I was surprised by the attention Richard, my teacher from GEL IELTS, gave me. I always got tips to improve my writing and all the time he would tell me how to get better. I went from a 6 in writing to a 7.5 because of all the advice I was given. In the beginning, I didn’t know I had to use paragraphs and he explained to me how I should always use a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. Thank you Richard!

Rashid, UAE

I want to thank GEL IELTS teachers. They are the best!

Li Wei, China

The review helped me prepare for the IELTS exam by having mock exams that helped improve the different skill set. There is a video presentation in the different skill set which discusses how each should be answered. Mock exams are available and is checked in real time for reading and listening. Before the start of the review a target band score will be set by the reviewer, as the exams are answered and checked the a perfomance band score is shown. This helps the reviewer to gauge how he is doing. One of the reasons why I would recommend it to friends is its accessibility, one can do the review anytime as long as there is internet connection. It also gives accurate feedbacks on how one can improve ones perfomance to achieve the target band score for the exam.

Joseph Gerard De Leon

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