Average improvement is more than half a band in 5 days of practice*

50% more likely to get the score you need**

95% recommended**

Rhoda, Nigeria

“GELIELTS provided me with an unrivalled learning support for my British Council IELTS. They have a repertoire of learning resources to guide candidates. Their platform is easy to access at no extra cost.”

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British Council

* Based on improvement results in GEL IELTS.
** Based on survey results.

Our students believe in us

"Thank you so much for support, every time that a need it."

Camila, Brazil

"Dear GEL IELTS Team,
Thank you for assisting me throughout my preparations for my IELTS exam. When I started the IELTS journey, I felt like I was wading through a forest of confusion. Thanks to the crisp, concise and precise recorded and live tutorials of the GEL IELTS team, however, I have superseded my targeted band score. I come from South Africa and I am a non-native English speaker, but I obtained the following results:
Listening 8.0
Reading 8.5
Writing 8.0
Speaking 9.0
I have no reservations in my recommendation of the GEL IELTS programme to anyone who wants to excel.
Thank you again to the Team."

Chikomborero, South Africa

"Dear GEL IELTS, I have been using the service for almost a month now, from the online classes to the GEL support service, I am completely satisfied with the website and all that it has to offer. I recommend IELTS exam takers to use GEL IELTS in order to get their desired overall band scores."

Amina, Fes, Morocco

"I'm honestly admiring your support for the IELTS exam. Thank you very much for your prompt response for my questions, it was very helpful. You are doing a great job which deserves more credits. Your guidance and support is very much appreciated. I' m a big fan of your online classes and never missed any even though I'm in a very busy schedule. Here I have to mention specially, Mr. Paddy and Mr.Ramen are doing an amazing job. They are the best teachers ever. It is worth using GEL IELTS' resources. Very supportive and highly recommended! Once again thank you so much."

Sanjula, Sri Lanka

"GEL IELTS has been of great assistance. The answer I received for my question explained even more than I expected. The examples were just clear and suited my needs. No stone was left unturned. Thank you!"

Mukundi, Harare, Zimbabwe

"I am really very elated to receive your guidance and support. All my queries were answered very well and I look forward for further help from you in this regard, please help me to improve my English and provide me further guidance. I wish and hope u will be very successful with this wonderful website to help IELTS students. Thanks"

Jarin, Bangladesh

"I found the GEL IELTS platform very useful and important in order to achieve my expected score of 7 overall in the IELTS Academic Test. I believe that I could obtain this score, despite the fact that I only had less than 1 month to prepare for the exam, due to the variety of exercises and integral learning from which I could organize my study-schedule in the most efficient way. If you need to choose a source to prepare for the IELTS, regardless of your time availability, the GEL IELTS would be the perfect and winning option."

Karla, Lima, Perú

“I cannot thank you enough for being so prompt, greatly helpful, and above all ‘being kind’. I could never imagine such a warm and friendly response. It has surpassed all my expectations. I do feel emotional at this point in time. Thank you so much. May God bless you all and your families out there too. In return to what you’ve done for me, I will personally and highly recommend GeL for IELTS prep to anyone who wants to sit for an IELTS to pursue their future endeavours. GeL IELTS Prep not only has a comprehensive and very good material to train from but also has a very helpful and prompt support service staff. Every time I have written you guys for any help or clarification you have been very quick to respond with a favourable solution. Thank you again. I cannot express how overwhelming the feeling is."

Piyush, Muscat, Oman

"It has been a great pleasure to have Gel IELTS . It has given me much confidence in my english I really enjoyed the live and pre recorded classes moreover the guided training and practice I have done has helped me a lot. I used to be afraid of writing essays but not anymore. Most of all the teachers are amazing. They are kind and helpful. I can understand the lessons very well. I am looking forward to studying in the UK. Awesome thanks to Gel IELTS.

Eliza, Malaysia

"Fast and effective support, realistic and helpful live classes. Also extremely easy navigation over the content. I simply couldn't ask for more as an online preparation for the IELTS exam."

Manuel, Sevilla, Spain

"Got my IELTS results and I scored band 8. Thanks to Paddy and all the GEL IELTS tutors and resources."

Rebecca, Cape Town, South Africa

"GEL has responded to my test anxieties. It walked me through the process of understanding their website and learning."

Tapiwa, Zimbabwe

"GeL Support helps me a lot in my preparation for the IELTs exam. Questions were answered as swiftly as possible. And the team did a follow-up for every query and reply sent to them which for me is an excellent service."

Nurdamia, Perlis, Malaysia

"GEL has immensely helped me in gaining confidence towards computer-delivered IELTS. Its mock tests and lessons are helpful to learn to tackle different kinds of questions. I feel that it was a very wise decision to enroll for GEL IELTS."

Rizwan, Mumbai, India

"GEL IELTS is a great platform for anybody aiming to score high on the IELTS. They offered free online classes in which you can ask the tutor questions and get the answers immediately. I did not know much about the IELTS but with just a few days experience with the GEL IELTS."

Francis, Ghana

"GEL IELTS has made Writing, which was a nightmare, a reality/possible.

Using Gel IELTS has been incredibly helpful for all parts. For example, GEL IELTS has made Writing, which was a nightmare, a reality/possible. I will highly recommend for all students preparing IELTS."

Samuel, Ghana

"This is the best platform ever. Thank you so much team."

Novaty, Zimbabwe

"Thank you GEL IELTS team, I sent an email on Sunday asking for help on what terms to use in writing task 1 and how to use them, because I had been struggling quite a lot. On Monday they replied, I was then recommended to attend the GEL Live classes which helped me a lot. Now I am seeing more improvements in my practices than before. To anyone hoping to improve I suggest attending the Live classes, because you have the opportunity to ask questions on how to improve..."

Francin, Harare, Zimbabwe

"GEL let me know what to expect in the real IELTS test and made me so much more confident. Especially the mock tests provided are insanely useful and it's great to have a chance to ask the teachers just about anything through the website. They have built a platform that matters."

Yusuf, Turkey

“Guided E-Learning platform is the best! I love everything about it, especially the way they respond to questions promptly. Thanks so much for your help!”

Christiana, Accra, Ghana

“The support from the teachers were extremely helpful. They replied really quickly and addressed my concern directly.”

Rahul, London, United Kingdom

"I just have to say a big thank you. I am doing my speaking test Friday and then Saturday my writing exam. I have followed as many live classes as possible and have done a lot of practise work in the short time I have had - of course with your website.Your response time to questions is also impecabile and I am really thankful for that. I believe that I will pass the test for my visa to be approved. Thank you again."

– Anel, Stellenbosch, South Africa

"Thank you GEL IELTS for your kind help and precise response to my question about maps description. It was very helpful."

– Moniba, Morocco

“I recently attempted my IELTS academic UKVI exam on August 21st 2021 and I’m thrilled to tell you that I got an overall score of 8.5. I’m so glad I registered for the exam with the British council. As that was what led me to GEL IELTS. I am so grateful to all of you for helping students like me all over the world. The website has a very attractive interface (especially the circular cat when the page is loading). It also has an exhaustive collection of tests apart from the systematic training material that caters to all levels of students. The free live webinars that beautifully covered each and every topic in detail is what made the difference for me. I wish to thank all the lovely teachers who taught me: Jo, Jamin, Amanda and Paddy. They were friendly, extremely approachable and very very patient! The whole experience of studying English was a lot more calming because of them. I passed the exam in the first attempt only because of the coaching I received from GEL IELTS. And I wanted to show my gratitude the moment I got my result. I will definitely recommend GEL IELTS to anyone who wishes to study for the exam. Thank you very much once again!”

Susan, India

“I would like to share a little of my experience. I have taken the IELTS exam twice. Although I studied English in school, more than 10 years have passed since I graduated, and now I found myself in need to have an English degree that is recognized abroad, so I opted to sit the IELTS exam. The first time I went there with high expectations but not having a well-developed strategy and not being too rigorously prepared for this test. I was self-taught, I tried to respect the specific requirements of this exam as much as possible but on the day of the exam I encountered difficulties that I did not expect and I realized that I needed help. I discovered the free courses organized by GEL IELTS and they helped me a lot to get into the proper mindset for the next exam. I was delighted by the professionalism and availability of the teachers, their manners and language, the well-explained and well-structured topics. I must also mention that I appreciated the feeling of communion that was created every time the teachers answered the questions asked by the students on the chat. No question remained unanswered and I benefited from their full support. I also opted for a paid subscription, in order to have access to the registered courses, because there were days when the program did not allow me to take part in the two live free online courses that took place daily. On their online platform I discovered numerous useful information: mocking tests and exercises, the topics to be expected and the pitfalls of each of the 4 tests of the IELTS exam: reading, listening, writing and speaking being approached in a clear way, with many helpful information and recommendations. Thus, the second time I took the exam, I did not find myself panicking in front of the exam book. Especially at the writing test, where for the first time I've encountered the greatest difficulties, the ideas flowed smoothly, I already had well-structured ideas in my head and I was ready for any subject I would have had. Thus, I efficiently used the time allocated for each part of the exam. I would like to thank the GEL IELTS team for their professionalism! Continue to be a reliable support for your students! I owe my success to you!”

Iulia, Romania

"Thank you very much for your quick feedback on my query. This is very helpful and GEL IELTS is one of the most effective learning platforms for current students as well as prospective IELTS students. You are very generous and truly amazing."

Don, Ireland

“GEL IELTS support is quick in replying to any questions needed. They were very helpful in answering any of my questions, even give me reminders on certain parts of the exam that I need to make a note on and that really helped me with my exam today. GEL IELTS made my last minute learning experience worth while.”

Swani, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“GEL has been tremendous in helping me prepare for my IELTS exam! I love how user-friendly it is. The contents are comprehensive, well structured, and easy to understand. One of my favorite features is the chatbox which connects you to a tutor who can help to provide speedy and clear answers to any questions you may have pertaining to your IELTS exam. I love GEL and highly recommend it to anyone wishing to score better in their IELTS!”

Fitri, Jakarta, Indonesia

"I was preparing for the IELTS exam for almost one year and before using this platform I spent too much time on trying to find reliable resources and trying to learn the structure, rules of the exam. I started to use GEL just 2 weeks before my exam and it helped me to improve so much faster than before. I attended to the live lessons and I learned the correct way to answer questions and, tips about how to use my time more efficiently. Then I did lots of mock test which also made it very easy for me to practice with time limit and different question types and most improtantly, when I had detailed questions I had someone to ask thanks to the teachers who are answering very quickly and carefully. For all of that reasons I think GEL was one of my best learning experience I had online. It combines all the resources you will need in one place and I believe it increased my score at least 1 point in all 4 parts in just 2 weeks. So thank you for helping me."

Beliz, Turkey, Istanbul

"I registered for the GEL IELTS website in August and I find it very very helpful in many aspects. When I applied for the IELTS test, to be honest, I’m a little bit confused and scared about it, for I am not very familiar with this test and I don’t know the efficient way to prepare for it. But after I registered for the GEL IELTS, I learnt a lot of useful tips from these given classes, and I sent my question to teachers. They responded very very quickly with a lot of patience. I really appreciate those given guided training on the website because it’s always good to do some practice after having classes. Now I watch those classes everyday and I love it so much. I do believe that GEL IELTS will help me a lot with my test! And I do believe whoever has a test in the future can get useful tips from GEL IELTS!"

Zhang, China

“It was really impressive. I like the way they teach, and the participation. Especially, for speaking, I thought short answers will be polite, but try to talk about something more that is related to the question. I have learnt the exact way to do it in exams. Thank you so much.”

Med Mafi, Bangkok

“I think that GEL IELTS is a great website to get prepared for the IELTS Examination. It is filled with many helpful tasks and has an incredibly supportive staff that will happily help you.”

Yazan, Saudi Arabia

“GEL IELTS was a great help during my IELTS review. What I liked most about it was that the lectures were brief but high-yield, emphasizing on what one should really be focusing on. I also tried the simulated exam (for writing) and I liked how they checked my work. I was able to achieve more than my required band score, thanks to GEL IELTS!“

Charisma, Philippines

“GEL is really helping for my IELTS, ya know there are no words to describe how I feel bout GEL. The stupendous thing is the way you guys organized your site and a plethora of live classes. I appreciate your help and the teachers' time, thank you.“

Hamman-Nur, Abuja, Nigeria

“This is the best platform that could ever be for IELTS PREPARATION, for myself, I'm just using it, and big thanks for those teachers or support team who's responding very quickly to my requests and questions. You are the best!“

Mohamed, Algiers, Algeria

“Your response was quick and helpful. It is also personal and not standardised, which is probably the most important point about good service!“

Pauline, Düsseldorf, Germany

“GEL IELTS teacher support provided me with a great assistance in response to my inquiry concerning Academic Writing Task 2. It helped clarify things out for me, giving me detailed, reliable replies“

Josée, Lebanon

“I would like to thank GEL IELTS for your support! Your response about writing task 1 (academic) was quick and helpful for me.“

Polina, Kropyvnitskyi, Ukraine

"The GEL IELTS is a great reviewer for beginners and professionals who have plans to take the IELTS Exam, all the while encouraging us to improve and broaden our English Vocabulary. Despite our current situation, studying for the exam is still possible. The reviewer is online, thus making it accessible to students like myself to never miss a single lesson; The materials are provided through pre-recorded videos, questionnaires are interactive and each lesson contents are simplified and thorough, which makes each lesson more clear, understandable, and feedbacks can show how much progress I am making. When I come across a certain question and it had not been discussed in the provided materials, I immediately noticed how responsive the teachers/professors were whenever I sent them a message of my query, and their responses are clear to understand. Another perk is that each lesson can be repeated again to improve our skills in all the categories of the exam, and also making it beneficial for us students to interact and work with others comfortably without worrying about miscommunication."

Ayana, Manila, Philippines

“Thank you so much! :)

GEL has been my go-to website for the IELTS preparation and I would say that I'm very satisfied with the support they have been giving. All my queries were answered within 24 hours! I also want to commend Paddy, Jo, Daniel, and Amanda, the experts whose classes I've attended. I encourage everyone to join their live classes because they're free and interactive, as well as sign-up to be a student since the lectures and practices help.“

Bel, Philippines

“GEL IELTS is the best tool I have seen so far. It's easy to understand and covers all the details.

Thank you for the Support.“


“I think GEL was incredibly supportive and timely with their responses. Beforehand I had doubts and questions about matching headings under reading component so I decided to consult GEL who have me not only gain confidence but also taught me tricks and tips to solve the conundrum. I couldn’t be happier with the response as it certainly helped with my ielts reading. Highly commendable and recommended.“

Faith, Birmingham

“I had a rather simple question about the IELTS test, and Jo replied to it promptly, thoroughly, and most importantly, very clearly! She also offered me more information than I expected, which I always appreciate. Usually, when I have any issues with replies, it's not because of too much info, but the opposite. It was not the case here.“

Virgil, Brussels

“The feedback has been great. My questions were answered promptly and precisely. It is very accessible and available to those who wish to ask questions or gain clarification. Thank you so much GEL IELTS prep!“

Kate, Cebu, Philippines

“I am pleased that GEL Support immediately replied with my inquiry! Staffs are very accommodating as well as they addressed my concern thoroughly with regards to Writing Task 1 and with a crystal clear explanation which helped me enhance my knowledge. I will surely recommend this website to my friends and colleagues who are in need of preparation materials for IELTS.Thank you so much!.“

Betsie, Leyte, Philippines

“The registration experience was great, the website has a lot of information to make the right decision to select the right plan which works for you as per your needs. In between my subscription, I needed support and on contacting the GeL team, right from the beginning the GeL team was very professional and courteous. They understood my problem and helped me to support my success. It was a great experience to be a student with GeL. Thanks a lot!!!“

Maria, India

"I've just been a GEL student for just about a week or two, but the experience GEL brought to me was incredible. I have asked thousands of questions about vocabulary that my previous teachers were annoyed to answer or haven't answered them satisfactorily. As a result, I got a really low mark in writing tasks for misusing words. However, I believe that the past won't happen again because GEL provided me with a proper curriculum and a really supportive crew (especially a GEL teacher named Jo as well as anyone who helped me out). I also love online writing lessons lead by Ms. Amanda too. I can't say enough "thank yous" to GEL IELTS. You guys got my immense love!"

Huy, Vietnam

“Thank you for your quick response to my question. It is helping me a lot to practice my computer-based test, it also gave confidence that my queries related to the learning materials will be answered promptly.“

Abin, Leeds, UK

“For my preparation for the IELTS exam, I would say that GEL IELTS has helped me a lot through the study material they provided on their website such as practice tests and training videos etc. Also, I liked how they instantly responded to a question I had which shows that they have a fast customer support system.“

Shayan, Saudi Arabia

“GEL Support is amazing, I took extracts from the passages and asked for their help to give advice on how to interpret the smallest details in my specific texts, which had baffled me previously. The teachers provided excellent in-depth answers and were incredibly helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend the service to anyone, who needs a little extra support. Don’t be shy, just ask them! I truly mean all of it.“

Regina, Budapest, Hungary

“I would like to thank you for conducting free IELTS webinars. Because of it, I got a desirable band score of 7. I would like to thank the two teachers, Amanda and Paddy. Both, thanks a ton!“

Siddharth, Mumbai

“I really appreciate you were able to answer so quickly. Your response was very thoughtful, and helped me consider different approaches on how to tackle reading exercises. The guidance provided was really complete, with examples and opinions on how to solve my doubts. Thank you“

Javier, Argentina

“The GEL IELTS is helping me a lot! I have been learning about the best strategies to solve IELTS questions, any kind of questions that we might face in the test are already explained in the classes. I’m going through the content on and on to fix some ideas and I think I am really improving!!!“

Jessica, Londrina, Brazil

“Thank you so much Guided E-Learning for the outstanding support. You've been very helpful in my queries and never disappoints me. More power and God Bless.“

Mary, Philippines

“I am very satisfied with the level of support I have received from Gel IELTS. Not only have all my questions been answered, but they have been answered in great detail with information that I did not realize I needed. I feel like I can ask anything and receive more than I have asked.“

Makanaka, Johannesburg, South Africa

“I absolutely love GEL IELTS! The website is easy to navigate, the lessons are extremely helpful and give you a clear understanding of what you are expected to do at the exam, there is a good number of exercises and on top of it you get a free help from a Gel support team. The team responds relatively quick and do their best to clarify your question. IELTS preparation couldn’t get any better! I am truly thankful to the team for making my studying for IELTS so comfortable and creating such a great opportunity for an IELTS self-study.“

Natalya, Murmansk, Russia

“From my experience on GEL IELTS website, I can say that it is quite useful for the IELTS exam preparation. Thanks to the video lessons, I learned about the techniques that would help me deal with the listening, reading and speaking parts of the IELTS. The practice part of the website was also efficient. There is a variety of listening and reading activities, and, more important, I could choose the type of the exercise I wanted to practice, thus allowing me to focus more on the areas where I am less performant. The mock exams in each section of the IELTS, are even more efficient as they cover every section of the test comprehensively. Another good thing about the website is that it provides answers and scores for the activities.“

Naaima, Morocco

“GEL IELTS has done a great job, on answering to any doubts I encountered while preparing for the IELTS exam, they usually responded to my queries really fast, I would have an answer in the same day.And each question I had, they would send me a detailed and simplified explanation. Really great service I would definitely recommend it!“

Ana, London

“Can I just say IT IS SO LIT 🔥?On point and thorough, if I had more time to prepare I’d have made better use of it but regardless the lessons are extensive and the teachers offer great tips, I loved the practice section where you can work on areas you’re under performing in, the mock tests are amazing too as to practice working within the time limit, overall it’s an excellent program and I highly recommend it :) I appreciate y’all so much Blessss✨“

Fatima, Sudan

“GELIELTS provided me with an unrivalled learning support for my British Council IELTS. They have a repertoire of learning resources to guide candidates. Their platform is easy to access at little to no extra cost.“

Rhoda, Nigeria

“I registered my IELTS exam almost 10 days ago, then I realized about the website at all. But even during this short time it is been helpful a lot and I have been recommending it to all friends who I know want to take exam. If I knew about website I would register earlier, so it could been more useful for me. I found it very organized and easy to understand, especial the online classes.I appreciate all your kindly support and help. Thank you so much again.“

Atefeh, Muscat, Oman

“After I studied all your IELTS training and practised for the test, I feel more confident to do my best at IELTS exam tomorrow. All teachers of GEL IELTS Prep are qualified and explain really clearly, so it's easy for me to understand and learn much more about English skills. I'm a lucky one. I'm going to practise more on all skills, new vocabularies, and so on, based on what I have learnt from your lessons. Again, thank for your inspiration and support!“

Huong, Ha Noi, Vietnam

“I used the option Ask Your Teacher in the GEL IELTS website where I asked about some specific doubts regarding, not only the criteria, but also how I should address certain tasks. I received a response in the same day and It was very helpful. The support team answer every one of my questions and gave me some advice that would improve my score. If your are preparing for an IELTS exam like me (in my case the UKVI academic version) the GEL IELTS website is a must, not only because of the study materials, like mock and practice tests, but also because of the great support given by this platform.“

Joana, Lisbon, Portugal

“Thank you for your support! An amazing website with lots of options to practice IELTS.“

Dana, Jordan

“GEL IELTS is an amazing platform to enjoy your IELTS preparation. I personally find their approach, to enhance each of the assessed skills, very methodological or scientific & engaging at the same time. I am quite impressed by the way the learning material has been presented. It makes learning simple & fun, equally so for those who find language challenging and those who might consider themselves fluent. There is always room for improvement! I am also extremely pleased by the quick responses I’ve received, to my online queries, by the tutors & even the technical support team. The pre-recorded videos, including the lectures on each topic, are well structured & presented very diligently by experts. These lectures are also held as free online classes, which are very interactive, friendly & attended by a wide range of students from around the globe. Moreover, I cannot emphasize enough, how wonderful, polite & friendly the teachers are!“

Dr. Syed, India

“I believe GEL IELTS Team is doing a fantastic job! They are supporting me anytime I need and I am amazed about how much material they offer included in the price I paid for the IELTS exam. You can find a whole system that helps you to plan your study, offer the knowledge to learn what is needed and give free classes about the 4 papers of the test. It is so good to have the possibility of having all these things! I am sure I will be completely ready for my exam! I definitely recommend GEL IELTS to all those students that don't have a private tutor.“

Valerio, London

“Thank you very much for your support. I found it very helpful and it benefits me for now I am preparing my IELTS test. I think I will need your help all the time to improve my score.“

Abdessamed, Algeria

“I found GEL IELTS very useful for my IELTS preparation. In fact, I did not need to check any further for other materials, GEL does it all“

Belthus, Cameroon

“I like how the instructors at GEL IELTS take the time to help you achieve your band score. I simply send them my output through the chatbox and they respond quickly with feedback and specific suggestions on how to improve my sentence formation. Taking their online classes are also recommended because it provides an interactive way to study and get tips about IELTS itself.“

Day, Manila, Philippines

“The detailed advice and suggestions provided by GEL teachers on my speaking and writing tasks have been immensely helpful. I had the chance to see a full breakdown of all the marking criteria and directly address my weak spots. Submitted tasks were marked by the same person, therefore I even had the chance to receive personalized study guides based on my long-term performance. I recommend GEL to all those who wish to effectively improve their performances on IELTS.“

Nai-Shu, Taiwan

“It would be an honor to write a few comments for you guys! First of all, I'd like to say that the support you guys are giving is really amazing and quite helpful. Please keep up the good work. Secondly, I will say that since I started using your materials, it has given me a whole new insight into the method of approaching the IELTS examination. I'm feeling much better with myself and my knowledge and confidence have grown and I must say good job guys!“

Peter, Nigeria

“ I would be more than happy to give you positive feedback.

Your support was extremely precious and helpful for me, as I had the opportunity to revise my work more consciously and exactly knowing where to improve and work on. I was not expecting so much attention and kindness!

Thank you a lot, you’ll find me asking you more questions soon.

Thank you again.“

Francesca, Italy

“It was really helpful to use GEL IELTS especially in my preparation for IELTS.“

Shaza, Saudi Arabia

“After monthly IELTS studing on GEL website, I do feel my English competence has been improved. Teachers who correct my writing tasks are quite serious about every detail. They gave me practical and useful suggestions which helped a lot on my compositions. About Listening and Reading, it is slightly more difficult than Cambridge IELTS Tests, so I can achieve higher score when I'm using them. The website also gives you model answers and explaniations to questions which both are really helpful.“

Katniss, Shanghai, China

“I tried to give my thankful comments about your services and support. It is not a favour from me as you honestly deserve it.

As I tried many websites and services (free & Paid) to prepare for the IELTS exam, I found that the Guided E-learning GEL platform is the most powerful and helpful one. It gives me all the organized support, tips, and practice that I am looking for. Two things that I really loved and made a big difference for me, The full computerized test practices with valued corrections and advice to my answers, and the great, immediate, and generous support that I received always from the GEL support team. I subscribed to prepare for my first IELTS exam and I knew I will subscribe again with GEL to develop and increase my mark for the second exam as they are providing a lot of study and exam resources which can prepare you and keep developing your language to increase your score if you wish.“

Faisal, Saudi Arabia

“GEL IELTS is providing wonderful platform for preparing for IELTS exam. I like series of mock test which really helping me in my preparation. Thanking You.“

Rajesh, India

“I recently had an enquiry about IELTS speaking and GEL IELTS responded to my request immediately, and I can't say how happy I was. Thank you for your help, it meant a lot to me.“

Maureen, Kenya

“I was having a great time preparing with GEL because of the lots of practice material. I only accessed it 2 days ago but feel more confident to take my test already. I wish I had got it earlier“

Anthony, Rwanda

“I am regularly doing the listening test and writing. And I have started practice for reading and speaking too. Good sources of listening are contained. I like the listening practice test very much from this portal. Overall it is a good portal for practising“

Rajesh, India

“GEL IELTS is so powerful to prepare for IELTS exam, it has every thing you need for your exam with different techniques . You can personalize your preparation according to your needs, it also give you the advice to succeed. Thanks GEL IELTS!“

Ahmed, Egypt

“I found the platform extremely helpful and user-friendly. The content is relevant, well-organised and easy to understand, moreover it covers all parts of the IELTS exam (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). There are many practice activities with instant feedback about your scores, thus you are able to follow your progress and make sure you achieve your goals. Also, they offer a messaging service where you can ask any question to their support team. The answers come back rapidly via email and I found them very useful.“

M, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I would like to comment on your kind help and usefulness of GEL IELTS online test. GEL IELTS is a really user-friendly and useful online system to help me get more knowledge about IELTS computer-delivered exams. It presents explicitly and exactly what information I could have and how I can operate and finish the exam smoothly. More importantly, when it came to some questions I could not work out by myself, an email to supportive team would always provide me the most practical and warm help. THANKS A MILLION!”

Tina, China

“I found the GEL IELTS platform very useful. It allowed me to practice effectively and on the exam day I knew exactly what to expect. All the practice and exercises are very similar to the actual exam questions, and you have access to experts that answer your questions on any section. Additionally, they give you feedback about your writing and speaking skills so you can improve them. I would definitely recommend it!”

Rosa, Ecuador

"Firstly, i think the most favorite part i like and i want to recommend to all of students who are preparing ielts whether paper or computer form is the "sending question" function. Actually, based on online learning, it is easy to study anywhere anytime. but questions happen by the learning progress. So feedback is critical for learning results, and the gel ielts workers will response the questions through email as soon as possible. from my past experience, actually, no more than two days you will get the details of feedback usually within one day, sometimes just several hours. It is really efficient because of almost us have time difference. I appreciate for their useful work.

Secondly, for all four parts about ielts, they separate accurately practice. Before you start your practice, you will see all the basic knowledge about this test then they will show you all stratagies with tasks to finish which help you understand deeply. As long as you complete your first knowing stage, you can choose target study. Here a example, in listening practice part, you can get all the question forms. You can choose which part you want to practice as well as practice whole listening part. such as you can practice maps form or table complete forms, thus making study become personal design.

Thirdly, I am also learning from a teacher who thinks logic is the most important thing in ielts writing part, actually it confirms in gel writing part. Because in the first writing progress, you are taught about ielts writing such as discussion and agree. And you should support your point from a logical chain which is vital to prove and extend your ideas, helping your writing gets desirable score. So this is the very precious part i study from gel. Because i have my work, i didn't study for a intensive time. If i conbine the "sending questions" fuction with writing parts, i will study more effictively. this is i will do in the next few days.

There are so many words i want to share this tool for all of people who are preparing ielts now. To conclude, i want say it deserves to pay for it.”

Carrie, China

“I am a returning customer with the strong belief that GEL always aims at providing quality IELTS supports with excellent customer service.I will definitely be recommending GEL to my friends and colleagues who are going to register for IETLS Exams.“

Timmy, Singapore

“GEL is a great platform to prepare for your IELTS exam, I chose them because they are near the exam format and condition of the Computer based test. Besides that, the checks feedbacks on writing and speaking tasks is tremendously helpful. Not only that, but also They are always ready to help and response fast. It is my first recommendation for anyone who wants to prepare for IELTS.”

Khaled, KSA

“Working with GEL IELTS prep website has been a real pleasure. I love how the first thing you see after signing up is your progress, target score and days left before the test. It provides a healthy motivation to get going and smash your goals. My teacher’s feedback was fast, insightful and he/she demonstrated incredible knowledge. So happy to have used the platform in preparing for my IELTS test.”

Sam, Nigeria

“I really can not find words to express my thanks to you, But one thing I can do for sure is to recommend this website to my colleagues and friends who are going to take IELTS and need preparation materials. Thank you, you made me day.”

Khaled, KSA

“Guided e-learning is a wonderful and super helpful tool to practise IELTS. Importantly it is great for computer delivered format. Also, the support staff and is dilligent and super quick in helping the queries quickly. The best part is that evaluators comments are in depth and allows to improve performance drastically. It is full fleged preparation course for IELTS. The course is worth the value.”

Pritesh, India

“I found GEL IELTS very useful for my IELTS preparation. In fact, I did not need to check any further for other materials, GEL does it all.”

Belthus, Cameroon


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Khaled D., KSA

I really can not find words to express my thanks to you, But one thing I can do for sure is to recommend this website to my colleagues and friends who are going to take IELTS and need preparation materials. Thank you, you made me day.

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Dr. Syed, India

“GEL IELTS is an amazing platform to enjoy your IELTS preparation. The free online classes are very interactive, friendly & attended by a wide range of students from around the globe. Moreover, I cannot emphasize enough, how wonderful, polite & friendly the teachers are!”

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Joana, Lisbon, Portugal

“I used the option Ask Your Teacher in the GEL IELTS website where I asked about some specific doubts regarding, not only the criteria, but also how I should address certain tasks. I received a response in the same day and It was very helpful.”

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Personal feedback from our experts on your writing and speaking

Nai-Shu, Taiwan

“The detailed advice and suggestions provided by GEL teachers on my speaking and writing tasks have been immensely helpful. I had the chance to see a full breakdown of all the marking criteria and directly address my weak spots”

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Instant AI feedback on writing, reading and listening

Katniss, Shanghai, China

“They gave me practical and useful suggestions which helped a lot on my compositions. About Listening and Reading, it is slightly more difficult than Cambridge IELTS Tests, so I can achieve higher score when I’m using them. The website also gives you model answers and explanations to questions which both are really helpful.”

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Fatima, Sudan

“Can I just say IT IS SO LIT 🔥? On point and thorough, if I had more time to prepare I’d have made better use of it but regardless the lessons are extensive and the teachers offer great tips, I loved the practice section where you can work on areas you’re under performing in, the mock tests are amazing too as to practice working within the time limit, overall it’s an excellent program and I highly recommend it :) I appreciate y’all so much Blessss✨”

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