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Our students believe in us

“ I would be more than happy to give you positive feedback.

Your support was extremely precious and helpful for me, as I had the opportunity to revise my work more consciously and exactly knowing where to improve and work on. I was not expecting so much attention and kindness!

Thank you a lot, you’ll find me asking you more questions soon.

Thank you again.“

Francesca, Italy

“It was really helpful to use GEL IELTS especially in my preparation for IELTS.“

Shaza, Saudi Arabia

“After monthly IELTS studing on GEL website, I do feel my English competence has been improved. Teachers who correct my writing tasks are quite serious about every detail. They gave me practical and useful suggestions which helped a lot on my compositions. About Listening and Reading, it is slightly more difficult than Cambridge IELTS Tests, so I can achieve higher score when I'm using them. The website also gives you model answers and explaniations to questions which both are really helpful.“

Katniss, Shanghai, China

“I tried to give my thankful comments about your services and support. It is not a favour from me as you honestly deserve it.

As I tried many websites and services (free & Paid) to prepare for the IELTS exam, I found that the Guided E-learning GEL platform is the most powerful and helpful one. It gives me all the organized support, tips, and practice that I am looking for. Two things that I really loved and made a big difference for me, The full computerized test practices with valued corrections and advice to my answers, and the great, immediate, and generous support that I received always from the GEL support team. I subscribed to prepare for my first IELTS exam and I knew I will subscribe again with GEL to develop and increase my mark for the second exam as they are providing a lot of study and exam resources which can prepare you and keep developing your language to increase your score if you wish.“

Faisal, Saudi Arabia

“GEL IELTS is providing wonderful platform for preparing for IELTS exam. I like series of mock test which really helping me in my preparation. Thanking You.“

Rajesh, India

“I recently had an enquiry about IELTS speaking and GEL IELTS responded to my request immediately, and I can't say how happy I was. Thank you for your help, it meant a lot to me.“

Maureen, Kenya

“I was having a great time preparing with GEL because of the lots of practice material. I only accessed it 2 days ago but feel more confident to take my test already. I wish I had got it earlier“

Anthony, Rwanda

“I am regularly doing the listening test and writing. And I have started practice for reading and speaking too. Good sources of listening are contained. I like the listening practice test very much from this portal. Overall it is a good portal for practising“

Rajesh, India

“GEL IELTS is so powerful to prepare for IELTS exam, it has every thing you need for your exam with different techniques . You can personalize your preparation according to your needs, it also give you the advice to succeed. Thanks GEL IELTS!“

Ahmed, Egypt

“I found the platform extremely helpful and user-friendly. The content is relevant, well-organised and easy to understand, moreover it covers all parts of the IELTS exam (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). There are many practice activities with instant feedback about your scores, thus you are able to follow your progress and make sure you achieve your goals. Also, they offer a messaging service where you can ask any question to their support team. The answers come back rapidly via email and I found them very useful.“

M, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I would like to comment on your kind help and usefulness of GEL IELTS online test. GEL IELTS is a really user-friendly and useful online system to help me get more knowledge about IELTS computer-delivered exams. It presents explicitly and exactly what information I could have and how I can operate and finish the exam smoothly. More importantly, when it came to some questions I could not work out by myself, an email to supportive team would always provide me the most practical and warm help. THANKS A MILLION!”

Tina, China

“I found the GEL IELTS platform very useful. It allowed me to practice effectively and on the exam day I knew exactly what to expect. All the practice and exercises are very similar to the actual exam questions, and you have access to experts that answer your questions on any section. Additionally, they give you feedback about your writing and speaking skills so you can improve them. I would definitely recommend it!”

Rosa, Ecuador

"Firstly, i think the most favorite part i like and i want to recommend to all of students who are preparing ielts whether paper or computer form is the "sending question" function. Actually, based on online learning, it is easy to study anywhere anytime. but questions happen by the learning progress. So feedback is critical for learning results, and the gel ielts workers will response the questions through email as soon as possible. from my past experience, actually, no more than two days you will get the details of feedback usually within one day, sometimes just several hours. It is really efficient because of almost us have time difference. I appreciate for their useful work.

Secondly, for all four parts about ielts, they separate accurately practice. Before you start your practice, you will see all the basic knowledge about this test then they will show you all stratagies with tasks to finish which help you understand deeply. As long as you complete your first knowing stage, you can choose target study. Here a example, in listening practice part, you can get all the question forms. You can choose which part you want to practice as well as practice whole listening part. such as you can practice maps form or table complete forms, thus making study become personal design.

Thirdly, I am also learning from a teacher who thinks logic is the most important thing in ielts writing part, actually it confirms in gel writing part. Because in the first writing progress, you are taught about ielts writing such as discussion and agree. And you should support your point from a logical chain which is vital to prove and extend your ideas, helping your writing gets desirable score. So this is the very precious part i study from gel. Because i have my work, i didn't study for a intensive time. If i conbine the "sending questions" fuction with writing parts, i will study more effictively. this is i will do in the next few days.

There are so many words i want to share this tool for all of people who are preparing ielts now. To conclude, i want say it deserves to pay for it.”

Carrie, China

“I am a returning customer with the strong belief that GEL always aims at providing quality IELTS supports with excellent customer service.I will definitely be recommending GEL to my friends and colleagues who are going to register for IETLS Exams.“

Timmy, Singapore

“GEL is a great platform to prepare for your IELTS exam, I chose them because they are near the exam format and condition of the Computer based test. Besides that, the checks feedbacks on writing and speaking tasks is tremendously helpful. Not only that, but also They are always ready to help and response fast. It is my first recommendation for anyone who wants to prepare for IELTS.”

Khaled, KSA

“Working with GEL IELTS prep website has been a real pleasure. I love how the first thing you see after signing up is your progress, target score and days left before the test. It provides a healthy motivation to get going and smash your goals. My teacher’s feedback was fast, insightful and he/she demonstrated incredible knowledge. So happy to have used the platform in preparing for my IELTS test.”

Sam, Nigeria

“I really can not find words to express my thanks to you, But one thing I can do for sure is to recommend this website to my colleagues and friends who are going to take IELTS and need preparation materials. Thank you, you made me day.”

Khaled, KSA

“Guided e-learning is a wonderful and super helpful tool to practise IELTS. Importantly it is great for computer delivered format. Also, the support staff and is dilligent and super quick in helping the queries quickly. The best part is that evaluators comments are in depth and allows to improve performance drastically. It is full fleged preparation course for IELTS. The course is worth the value.”

Pritesh, India

“I found GEL IELTS very useful for my IELTS preparation. In fact, I did not need to check any further for other materials, GEL does it all.”

Belthus, Cameroon