GEL is the best-in-class IELTS test preparation platform. Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking and test strategy in one package. We have smarter tools, more mock IELTS tests and better content than other IELTS providers.
Full site access gives you:
  • Guided mode. By analysing all your IELTS reading and listening answers, Guided mode builds an individual pathway through our extensive library of content, maintaining your strengths and improving your weak areas. Just like a private tutor.
  • 17 academic and 15 general complete IELTS tests and every type of question
  • 15+ hours of interactive video exercises teach you IELTS test strategies
  • Unique Speaking module: listen to questions and record answers as many times as you need
  • 320+ model Writing answers
  • 100+ Reading texts and 100+ recordings for Listening
  • New tests, texts and recordings added regularly