How Mock mode works

Test yourself under test conditions

Mock mode gives you up to 32 full mock tests – 17 Academic and 15 General.

It covers all 4 papers: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. You can do any or all of the 4 papers under test conditions. There is a timer and a strict time limit. You can only listen to recordings once in the Listening paper, and we don’t tell you how many questions you will get in Speaking.

There are no clever help functions and you get feedback through the tracker only after you have finished.

You can do a full mock IELTS test or individual papers in Mock mode.
Mock Reading and Listening can be done on your own and there is feedback for every question. In Mock Writing and Speaking, you can submit your answers to a teacher to be checked.

As with other teacher checks, you will get feedback and a mark in all IELTS examination criteria.

In Mock mode, our GEL Answer Type diagnostic engine still collects and analyses your answers and feeds the information to the Guided mode, which you can choose to use during your practice.

The exercises you get in Guided mode always reflect your progress in everything you do on GEL IELTS.

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Start with an IELTS mock test and have it checked by IELTS teachers. Students who do Mock IELTS tests always do better than students who don’t. But you shouldn’t ONLY do Mock tests.

Mocks are high-stress and you will learn more in the Guided mode with good feedback. When you’ve completed your first Mock IELTS test, you’ll know what level you’re currently at.

Now you can go to practice, especially Guided mode practice.

We recommend you do three Mock IELTS tests to check your progress: one at the start, one half-way through your preparation, and one two weeks before your test.