How Guided mode works

Analytics driven practice for the fastest preparation for IELTS

Guided mode is powered by our unique Answer Type diagnostic engine, which analyses your answers through our proprietary Answer Type analysis, then decides which types of practice will help you the most. It will recommend a blend of test strategy preparation, practice activities and mock tests to make your IELTS practice as efficient and effective as possible.Your Guided mode activity plan will give you a blend of exercises to teach you how to do the difficult things which you haven’t mastered yet as well as work to make sure you continue to practice things you can already do.

When the test date is still far away, Guided mode focuses on training you so you can improve in your weak areas. As you get closer to the test date, Guided mode focuses on practice. It gives you a broader mix of your Answer Types and recommends Mock tests to help you to get the best possible result.

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GEL IELTS uses Answer Type analysis, a proprietary GEL system which understands what each question is testing – for example, whether you can find details in a text. Answer Type analysis understands why you make mistakes, and knows how to teach you to avoid them.It uses a proprietary algorithm to give you the best mix of exercises to help you prepare.