You can pay to submit Writing and Speaking tasks to expert teachers who will check and give feedback on your answers. From £10 for each task, it is easy and inexpensive to get the top quality marking and feedback for your test!

  • Practice for IELTS Speaking at your own pace. Watch video questions and re-record your answers as many times as you need before sending to your teacher
  • Write answers and check them against 320 model answers or send to a teacher for feedback
  • Sit mock IELTS Writing and Speaking tests under realistic conditions.

IELTS Speaking practice that’s better value and more convenient

Record your Speaking answers on your device, when you want. You don’t have to schedule an online session with a teacher. That makes Speaking practice cheaper for you and more convenient. Plus you receive written comments on Speaking as well as Writing.

Submit your mock IELTS test to be marked by IELTS specialists for grammar, vocabulary, coherence and cohesion and task response (Writing test); and for pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and fluency (Speaking test). A few days later, you receive your results and expert comments.

You can immediately see what kind of study you need to improve your IELTS test performance. Remember, all your performance data from mock IELTS tests is used by our diagnostic engine to shape further Guided mode practice.