How GEL IELTS Writing works

With over 320 model answers and teacher checking always available, you can master your writing.

You can practise Writing in all 3 GEL IELTS smart modes

  • In Guided and Solo modes, our unique GEL IELTS Outline system helps you learn how to write good IELTS answers. GEL Outline breaks down each question into key points and helps you build a well-constructed outline for your written answer.
  • Mock mode is like the exam. You have strict time limits and the GEL IELTS Outline system does not help you..

You always have the option to send your completed answers to an expert IELTS teacher who will mark them and give you feedback.

When you have finished your Writing answer, compare it with 2 model answers to the same question. One will be at your target grade; the other will be one grade below. Each model answer is assessed based on IELTS marking criteria, and compared to the same answer at the level below.

This way you can easily see why a band 6 answer is better than a band 5 answer, and compare them to your answer. You can do this with style, grammar, vocabulary and content.

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IELTS Examiners say that many candidates don’t answer the Writing questions fully because they don’t understand the question completely. This is particularly true in Task 1, but also happens in Task 2. So read the question (and the Task 1 document) carefully. GEL IELTS gives you special interactive training to ensure you always understand the Writing question completely.

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About the IELTS Writing test

The IELTS Writing paper is broken into 2 Tasks:

Task 1 Academic: you must read a graph and write about it. General: you must write a letter about a situation.

Task 2 For both Academic and General you must write an essay on a topic you are given in the test.