How GEL IELTS Speaking works

IELTS Speaking practice with a teacher that’s better value
and more convenient

With GEL’s innovative Speaking practice, you respond to videos of examiners asking you questions by recording your answers and sending to your expert IELTS teacher. You can do it whenever you want, wherever you want. Your teacher will mark your answer and send it back to you with comments and a grade in the four IELTS criteria – pronunciation, fluency, grammar and vocabulary.

You can practise Reading in all 3 GEL IELTS smart modes.

  • In Guided and Solo modes, you can practise the whole test or just one of the parts. While you are practicing, you can move forward or back through questions, you can see the questions written in front of you and re-record as often as you like.
  • In Mock mode, you do each task separately but must follow test guidelines. You can only watch the question once and record your answer once, just like in a real test.

Each IELTS Speaking exercise requires a different type of interaction with your examiner. Our Strategy section will help you understand what your examiner is looking for, so that you are fully prepared and know how to answer.

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Psychologists tell us that first impressions are very important when you meet new people – such as your examiner. Therefore, the time in your Speaking test before part 1 is very important! GEL IELTS shows you video recordings of real students in their Speaking test, so you know exactly what to expect and can be your most confident, even at the beginning of the test!

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About the IELTS Speaking test

The IELTS Speaking test lasts about 12 minutes. It is in 3 parts:

  • Introduction (about 5min) The examiner asks you questions about familiar subjects, such as your life, home, family etc.
  • Presentation monologue The examiner gives you a topic – for example, describe a good friend. You have one minute to prepare, and then you must speak for 1-2 minutes. The examiner does not speak, he or she only listens.
  • Discussion (about 5min) The examiner asks you questions about your Part 2 presentation.