How GEL IELTS Reading works

Over 100 texts on a wide range of topics.

You can practise Reading in all 3 GEL IELTS smart modes

  • Guided mode selects your exercises based on GEL’s proprietary Answer Type algorithm. The Guided mode diagnostic engine analyses your answers and can guide you to the kinds of question which are difficult for you, so you can practise and get better.
  • Mock mode gives you a full Reading paper under test conditions with strict time limits. After you have finished, you can view your results and get feedback on your mistakes on the Tracker page.
  • In Solo mode, you can choose which question types to practice. In Solo mode, as with Guided mode, you get immediate feedback and a clear explanation on each of your answers to say why it is right or wrong.

There are over 100 different texts in the GEL IELTS Reading system. They cover different interesting topics, and each one was written by specialist IELTS authors. You choose either a full paper to practise in Mock mode, or individual exercises to practise in Guided or Solo mode.

In GEL IELTS Reading you can highlight and zoom in and out if you need to. Every text has a complete set of questions, and the system uses every question type and every answer type.

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Many students do not do well in the Reading test because they do not finish it in the time allowed. Remember – you have only one hour! If you find a question difficult, don’t spend too much time on looking for the answer. Move on! You can do two or three questions in the time you spend on one difficult question. When you finish, come back to the difficult question – if you have time. In GEL IELTS Mock mode, you answer reading questions with a timer, so you get used to working quickly.

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About the IELTS Reading test

The IELTS reading test lasts 60 minutes and has 3 different texts to read, with a total of 40 questions. GEL IELTS has 32 complete Reading papers – 17 for Academic IELTS and 15 for General IELTS.