How GEL IELTS Listening works

Feedback on every question, and over 100 recordings to help you improve your listening

You can practise Listening in all 3 GEL IELTS smart modes

  • Guided mode selects your exercises based on GEL’s proprietary Answer Type algorithm. The Guided mode diagnostic engine analyses your answers and can guide you to the kinds of question which are difficult for you, so you can practise and get better.
  • Mock mode gives you a full Mock Listening paper under test conditions. You can only listen to the recordings once and you have strict time limits. After you have finished, you can view your results and get feedback on your mistakes on the Tracker page.
  • In Solo mode, you can choose which question types to practice. As with Guided mode, you can listen as many times as you wish, and every time you answer a question you get immediate feedback and a clear explanation to say why your answer is right or wrong.
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What do students find most difficult in the IELTS Listening paper?

  • When you are unsure of an answer, and think about it too much, you may miss the next question. The IELTS recording does not wait! When you hear Speaking on the recording, stop what you are doing, listen carefully and be prepared to answer.
  • Questions with diagrams and maps can be confusing. You always have a little time to look at the illustrations, so use that time well. Look at the details. Make sure you review it carefully.

Practice Listening – it really helps you to get a better sense of how to use your time.

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About the IELTS Listening test

The IELTS Listening test lasts 40 minutes. You listen to a recording for 30 minutes, and answer 40 questions. Then you have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the official answer sheet.

You only hear the recording once. On the recording, you usually hear two different conversations and two different monologues. The recording also contains some silent pauses so you can look at the questions before you hear the next conversation.