How Solo mode works

Practice what you want, when you want

If you know what you want to practice, Solo mode is for you. You decide exactly what you want to practise.

In Solo mode our GEL diagnostic engine will continue to track what you do in the background and feed that information to the Guided mode.

But it won’t recommend what you study unless you switch to Guided mode.

The Solo mode gives you free access to all four paper types: Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening.

You can access IELTS test strategy and the Model Answer Library, or you can go straight to practice.

When you have decided which paper you want to practice, you can choose which question type to study.

For example: Academic Writing task 1 using pie charts; Multiple match questions in the Reading paper; Listening, multiple choice; Speaking, part two monologues.

Just click on what you want to practice and go for it.