Author: Milos Milojevic

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How can you increase your mark in the IELTS Speaking Test?

How can you increase your mark in the IELTS Speaking Test? UMG (use more grammar) in every question. Look at these two transcripts from different...
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I don’t know what to write!

Oh no! It’s a terrible question! I don’t know what to write! (IELTS Writing Strategies) Imagine the situation. You have just been given a question...
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My top 5 spelling rules

When the examiners mark your IELTS writing, they pay particular attention to your vocabulary. How can you improve your grades in this category? Obviously, you…

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Better speaking grades? UMG! (Use More Grammar!)

Look at these transcripts from two different IELTS exams. Which candidate will get the better mark – candidate A or B? In both cases they…

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